Commute Time as a Property Search Filter

When we are looking for a new home on a property website, the second most important questions we ask after a price tag is the location. More often than not what we really looking for is how far it is from my work, uni, or whatever other place we often need to go to often as part of our everyday lives.

Seams pretty obvious, right? However, only very few websites in the entire internet are actually capable to capable to handle this simple task. None of them is in Australia.

The real goal that users really have, and sounds roughly like that: I want to see all properties under $500/wk and within 20 min travel to CBD by public transport.

Keeping that in mind the «radius» of our search should look like that:

REA, Domain, Flatmates, somebody, please implement it in Australia. Seams like a pretty clear competitive advantage to me, isn't it not? Here is even a quick wireframe of how it could look on, since their users would benefit from it the most: